Express Pharmacy

Bespoke E-commerce Platform with Multi Workqueue Processing


Carecamp was established 25 years ago and are a family run business that own a number of brick and mortar pharmacies across London. When I started working with them they were running an online pharmacy called Express Pharmacy from one of their West London pharmacies.


Carecamp were looking to replace their existing online pharmacy system with a brand new platform which would allow them to easily incorporate new features and technology and to streamline both the customer experience and the back end work-flow when processing orders.

In addition to all of the normal requirements for an e-commerce site, an online pharmacy has a number of extra steps that need to be taken when processing orders. A critical step in the process is that the prescribing pharmacist needs to assess the suitability of the medication for the patient and generate an electronic prescription.

The sensitive and medical nature of the platfrom requires robust security and privacy with regards to patients' data.


Little Fish Solutions worked with Carecamp to rebuild their platfrom from the ground up, with an emphasis on improving the workflow for the pharmacy staff and allowing for future expansion of the system.

When we initially launched the new platform, the front-end website was recreated to look identical to the existing site but the back-end was completely reworked and improved, with the staff able to process orders much more quickly, efficiently and reliably than before. We have continued to work with Carecamp on an ongoing basis adding many additional features and improvements such as:

  • Completely overhauled front-end user experience
  • Multiple different payment and shipping methods
  • Multiple custom workqueues so that the staff can reliably establish that all patient submitted data is accurate, validate the patients' identities and ensure that all orders are vetted before being prescribed
  • In-built split testing system to measure changes in conversion rates for front-end features
  • Many tools and changes to the back-end system to make the staff's life easier, to increase productivity and reduce user error when processing orders
  • Many tools and improvements to the back-end system to make the staff's life easier, to increase productivity and reduce user error when processing orders


As order volumes have increased, the system we have implemented has continued to prove itself as our improvements have enabled the clinical and dispensing teams to keep up with the increasing workload. As regulatory requirements for online pharmacies have changed we have been able to quickly add the necessary functionality to remain compliant, and have often noticed competitor sites following our lead.

The positive impact that the platform has had on the business has led to a continued long-term working relationship between us. We have continued to work with Carecamp to improve other areas of the business through custom web-based solutions such as an in-pharmacy prescribing system for their travel clinic and a repeat prescription system.

I hired Steve for an industry specific e-commerce website that needed to be built from scratch. From the start, I noticed that he very quickly understood what I needed, despite the complex nature of the task. He communicated with me at all times, and carefully planned out the development work stage by stage.

His development work resulted in a website that was considerably faster, more efficient and scalable than other similar websites that I had seen. By listening to my team and their requirements and suggestions, Steve streamlined an otherwise cumbersome series of processes. Thanks to Steve's work, I have seen my staff have been able to process orders in a quicker, more efficient manner and have not once complained about anything computer-related!

I would always recommend Steve to anyone that is looking to hire a developer. He is very friendly, easy to work with and has fantastic insight into how to improve business processes using technology. He has been an integral part of the success of my website and business and I wouldn't consider using anyone else for development work.

Harman Bhamra

At a Glance

  • Completely bespoke e-commerce system
  • Multiple custom workqueues for order processing
  • Cryptographically signed prescription system
  • Third party integrations with payment and shipping services