Web Apps

Sometimes you need something a little (or a lot) more complicated than a standard website. We specialise in creating bespoke web applications that do exactly what you want.

What is a Web App?

A web app is a website that does something. Where normal websites just have content, web apps are capable of so much more. If you need a site that reacts to your visitors, remembers information or changes over time, then a web app is what you need.

The simplest examples of web apps are CMS systems and blogs such as WordPress. Other typical examples are online shops, social media sites and database apps that store and utilise data specific to your business.

What Can I Use a Web App For?

The answer is pretty much anything you want! You can create feature rich, interactive websites that react to your users.

All e-commerce systems are web apps, and with a bespoke system you can allow your users to customise the products in their basket and provide a unique checkout experience for your customers. You can also make your website send out emails and SMS alerts, integrate with third party services, do currency conversion, look up addresses from postcodes… If you can think of anything that you want to do, get in touch and we'll let you know if it's possible!

As well as creating the front-end of your website that your normal users interact with, we can create a hidden back-end section of your site where you can log in to access additional functionality. You can use the back-end to administer your site, change the content that is displayed to your visitors, manage orders and control all aspects of your site.

Why Do I Need a Web App?

The extra functionality provided by a bespoke web app will allow you to provide more value to your customers. You will be able to customise all aspects of your site and provide services that would not be possible with a regular website.

Web apps are great for increasing your productivity. You will be able to process more orders, more quickly and efficiently without increasing your workload. We can increase the efficiency of many aspects of your business, from managing stock levels and generating financial reports to adding customer support systems.

A solid and well engineered web app can save you money by automating steps where people often make mistakes. Having forms pre-fill themselves with information, and emails automatically sent can reduce the impact of human error on your business.