Give a Gift

Charity Gift Card Trading Site


The Voucher Market were a startup that had a number of projects, all based around financial transactions involving voucher codes.


The premise of Give a Gift was to create a site where users could donate unwanted gift cards in exchange for other cards that they would actually use, and in the process a portion of the proceeds would be given to charity.

Give a Gift would need to be a multi-faceted site with different types of user interacting with the system in different ways. Most users would use the site to donate their unwanted gift cards, charity users would need to sign up and manage their charities and staff users would have a back-end section to manage all of the data and to process the cards that had been donated.

In addition to the functional requirements, The Voucher Market came to us with a very detailed visual design that needed to be implemented with precision.


A large proportion of the development process was spent on the implementation of the visual design as it had to look great on all screen sizes and had lots of custom user interface elements.

In addition to the main layouts for gift card donors and charities, each charity had access to a separate section of the site where they could set up a customised charity page using their own colour scheme, logo and images. Charities could request to be added to the site themselves and their details were validated using an external API.

Finally we added a back-end section where staff could log in to process the donations through a number of custom work queues and also view reporting data.

This was the first of several projects that we worked on with The Voucher Market.

At a Glance

  • Detailed and unique responsive design
  • Bespoke website to facilitate trading of unwanted gift cards
  • External APIs used to validate charities
  • Customised homepage editor for charity users