MMO Space Game Engine and Editor

MMO Lab is a website that enables users to build their own online space games.

This project comes in two parts. The first part is the game engine that allows users to play the games, and the second part is an editor that allows users to create their own games without having to have any programming skills whatsoever.

The editor allows the administrator of a game to create all of the assets and entities and to configure many different aspects of the game. It also contains tools to automatically deploy new game versions from the editor to a game instance.

The game engine allows players to interact with the game world. All of the interactions take place inside the player's browser and are rendered using HTML and CSS.

Stephen is incredibly helpful, always willing to chat about the project and very capable when it comes to explaining any complex issues in an easy to understand way. The consultation sessions really helped me to gain clarity about where the project was and how things were progressing, making the whole thing stress free from my end. I'm a very visual person so Stephen's use of screen shares and virtual whiteboards was invaluable. Could not recommend highly enough, a professional yet amiable service.

Dominic Chapman

At a Glance

  • MMO space game engine implemented in HTML and CSS
  • Completely customisable
  • Ability to automatically deploy multiple game instances